14 May

Enabling / Disabling the 3CX Session Border Controller Log on a Raspberry Pi Device (v12)

Important Article Update 04/06/2014: After some troubleshooting and testing in conjunction with 3CX support, it is not possible to disable the 3cxsbc.log in the current version of 3CX SBC v1.0.0.35608 on Raspberry Pi. This issue should be resolved with the next major release of software.

The 3CX Session Border Controller Log is disabled by default on a Raspberry Pi installation. The reason for this is that the log file size can grow and wind up consuming  too much space on the SD Card which would cause the OS to crash.

The setting that enables / disables 3CX Session Border Controller logging is located in the 3CX Session Border Controller configuration file. The configuration file is located in /etc/3cxsbc.conf. Read More