23 Jun

Cisco 509G BLF Keys Not Working

I noticed recently that when I moved my PBX from a local install to the cloud, all of the BLF keys on my Cisco 509G were flashing orange and no longer working.

I checked quite a few settings and finally found that the reason the BLF keys weren’t working was due to the fact that Line Key 1 was not set to Extension 1.  When I changed this setting back to Extension 1 my issue immediately resolved itself.

I am connecting to a 3CX Cloud Server but I’m fairly certain you would experience the same issue no matter what type of PBX you are connecting to.

Things to check when your BLF keys are not working

  1. If you are using a static IP address, check your network settings to ensure your Gateway and DNS settings are correct. If these are not set correctly and you are attempting to connect to a remote PBX, you will have issues.
  2. Check to ensure the phone settings have been configured correctly in the phone tab on the Cisco 509G’s web interface. Ensure that Line Key 1 is set to Extension 1. If this does not work make sure all configured Line Keys are set to Extension 1. Once you have saved settings reboot the phone to ensure that new settings take effect.
  3. Check your Extended Function is set correctly for a BLF key.

How to Check Your Network Settings

Open the web interface for the phone by entering the IP address of the phone into a web browser.

Once logged in navigate to the System tab. The easiest way to ensure your network settings are correct is to turn DHCP on and let the phone automatically detect it’s network settings. This can be done by going to the System tab and then scroll down to the Internet Connect Type section. Use the drop down box to select DHCP and then click Submit All Changes. When your phone reboots it will now be set to DHCP and should be automatically detecting the network settings.

If you have your phone on a static IP address then navigate to the System tab and scroll down to the Static IP Settings section and check your Gateway and DNS settings are correct.

If your network settings appear to be correct it’s now time to check the phone settings.

How to Check Your Phone Settings

Open the web interface for the phone by entering the IP address of the phone into a web browser.

Navigate to the Phone tab and scroll down to the Line Key 1 section. Make sure the Extension is set to 1, the Share Call Appearance is set to private and there is no Extended Function set. Then Submit All Changes and see if this resolves your issue. If it does not, go back into the Line Key settings area and make sure that all line key’s have this setting unless the line key is being used for a BLF key. Do not use these settings on the BLF keys.

If this does not resolve your issue, it’s time to check your extended function.

How to Check Your Extended Function (BLF Key)

The correct settings for a Cisco 509G (v7.5.5) is as follows:

fnc=sd+blf+cp;sub=[Extension Number]@[IP Address of PBX]:5060

This will enable you to see when your colleagues are on the telephone, it will also allow you to pickup a call from any other extension if it is ringing.

Replace [Extension Number] with the extension you would like indications on or to pick calls up from.

Replace [IP Address of PBX] with the IP address of your PBX.

For a BLF key to work you will need to set the Line Key Extension setting to Disabled and the Share Call Appearance to private.

If you make any changes to these settings, Submit All Changes and reboot the phone to apply the new settings.

One thought on “Cisco 509G BLF Keys Not Working

  1. Amanda Bartley

    Throughout this implementation I also found the same issue occurring on the Snom 320. Identity 1 on the Snom needs to be set to an extension on the same PBX as the BLF keys or the BLF keys will not work.

    In addition, if you have more than one active Identity and the BLF key is set to Active account the BLF key may not work. I think this was only an issue because I was migrating from one PBX to another so the phone was registering with 2 different PBX’s at the same time.

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