30 May

Turn Off 3cxsbc Logging via the Command Line on Raspberry Pi

If the log is enabled on your 3CX Session Border Controller you will find that the log file can fill up over time and use up too much space on your SD card.

To avoid filling up your SD card and crashing the OS, it’s best practice is to delete the contents of 3cxsbc.log file rather than delete the log file itself.

If you only have access to the command line you can delete the contents of the file as follows.

Turn Off 3cxsbc Logging via the Command Line on Raspberry Pi

First stop the rsyslog service and the 3cxsbc service:

service rsyslog stop
service 3cxsbc stop

Now remove the log file:

rm /var/log/3cxsbc.log

And recreate the log file:

touch /var/log/3cxsbc.log

Edit the 3cxsbc.conf file and turn off logging:

nano /etc/3cxsbc.conf

Make sure you the following settings are listed in the file:
Type = syslog
Level = NONE
# File = “/var/log/3cxsbc.log” (make sure the # symbol is at the beginning of the line)

Exit the file:

Ctrl + X

And save the file:

Press Y and then press enter

Restart the rsyslog and 3cxsbc services:

service rsyslog restart
service 3cxsbc restart